A note from your APSA Latino Caucus Officers:

As of the Latino Caucus in Political Science / El Sector Latino de Ciencia Política Annual Business Meeting on Friday, September 15, 2023. The new officers are: Tehama Lopez Bunyasi who will serve as President, Ivy A.M. Cargile Vice President, Fernando Tormos-Aponte- Secretary, Sergio Garcia-Rios- Treasurer, and Álvaro Corral- Communication Director

We also announced this year's Caucus award winners (please click on the Awards tab for details), thank you to the committee for their efforts!

As always, please be sure to sign up as a member through the APSA portal  and pay your dues  (and/or make a donation!) to remain an active member of the Caucus. See below for detailed information on membership and dues. 

 - The APSA Latino Caucus Leadership Team

Becoming A Member

To join the APSA Latina/o Caucus, you must be a member of the American Political Science Association. 

To register, you must go through the APSA portal, which will require you to log in to your APSA account. Once you’ve done so click on “Go to My Profile” then under "APSA Resources" click on "Related Groups" , then check "Latino Caucus in Political Science" and press submit. This will add you to the member list, but related groups, such as the Latino Caucus, are not allowed to collect dues through the APSA portal and collect them separately. See below for information on annual dues. 

Please note that APSA has a new rule indicating that section caucuses and related groups must have a minimum number of members, or they get cancelled. So, please be sure to officially join and renew!


As of October 2023, the APSA Latino Caucus is now sending its email communication via a new listserv (LATINO-C) hosted by SFSU. 

LATINO-C is a semi-moderated list, intended primarily for faculty and graduate students in political science and related disciplines, but open to all others with an interest in the topic. Given that, all participants implicitly agree to use this list primarily as a venue for scholarly interchange. Other uses of the list (e.g., private communication, partisan commentary, political announcements, etc.) are allowed as a courtesy but members are asked not to abuse this right. Mainly this list should serve as a forum for the exchange of knowledge in our field and profession. 

The list works best when each contributor adheres to a tradition of courtesy, professionalism, and scholarship. Discussions can be intense, but postings should always be respectful. For those interested in combative or polemical discourse, there are many other options available. All subscribers are expected to accept and abide by these standards of scholarly exchange- and violators may be suspended by the Communications Director or President of the Caucus, as of the 2021 business meeting. 

Here are step by step instructions for sending messages, subscribing and unsubscribing.


                                                            a.      Leave the message body blank.


                                                            a.      Leave the message body blank.


The biggest shift is the new moderation feature. We will not gatekeep messages, but members of the executive team will take on a new role of posting/approving messages that pertain to the criteria above (primarily informational/opportunity postings).

Here is what to expect when you send a message on the new listserv:


If you have any questions about the listserv, let me know. Thanks!


Álvaro Corral (

Director of Communications

APSA Latino Caucus

Unsubscribing from OLD listserv

Simply send an e-mail message to

Leave the subject line empty

The body of the message should read: UNSUBSCRIBE LATINO-C

Be sure to either turn off your automatic signature or put two dashes (i.e., - - ) just in front of your automatic signature. 

Paying Dues

APSA Latino Caucus Annual Dues

Anyone interested in the mission of the Latino Caucus is welcome to become an active member. An active membership is activated by paying dues. An active membership is good for one calendar year. Any scholars including faculty, postdoctoral fellows, lecturers, graduate students, and undergraduates are welcome to take part in the Latino Caucus. 

Members of the Latino Caucus can pay their annual dues electronically, using a secure transaction process sponsored by PayPal. Dues to the Latino Caucus go directly to support the Caucus and its activities, with funds used for travel grants, paper awards, and the annual APSA reception. We will only grow if all of our members contribute their share, so please take five minutes to pay your annual dues now. They are only due once per year, before the APSA annual meeting in early September.

Current rates are $5 for graduate students, $10 for junior faculty (pre-tenure), and $20 for faculty with tenure. PayPal charges 2.9% handling and $0.30 transaction fees, so the amounts below reflect these additional convenience fees. You may also pay your dues, without any additional fees, at the Latino Caucus business meeting at the APSA annual meeting. Please also consider donating to the Caucus!

Click the button below to take you directly to the pay pal site.

If you have any questions about paying your annual dues, please contact Sergio Garcia-Rios, the current Latino Caucus Treasurer, at:

Caucus Documents